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I am in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend so we cant meet eachother often,
Her parents were fine with me and apparently liked me aswell.
now her parents are starting to hate me for some reason, saying i am manipulating her to talk to me (when im completely not) and have told her to not to talk to me again and to break up with me, i really dont understand, and now she has nothing to contact me with.
Im not sure what im supposed to do.
The reason her parents think i am manipulating her to talk to me is because we are maybe abit too attached to eachother (we talk alot on the phone etc.) but before this week there hasnt been a problem with us talking alot.
it happened just now.
i have no idea what to do about this whole thing.

Hi Tommi

it sounds like either your girlfriend said something to her parents or they overheard a conversion between you two. Long distance relationships are hard and this is one reason why. Do you feel you can talk to her parents on the phone to find out what it going on? I dont necessarily know that is the best option right now though. But it couldnt hurt to try. They might even respect you a bit if you do. Obviously you dont want to have an attitude with them or fight them on anything. The point of the call would be to understand their side and to state your side as well. Either way, I would respect their decision for their daughter.


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