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I'm 19 and my ex-girlfriend is 18. I'm a sophomore in college and she's a freshman (same school). Anyway, we've been dating for about 3 months, not a very long time but we've really enjoyed each others time so far and things have been great. However, the other day she said that lately she's been feeling a little depressed and she wasn't sure if she wasn't ready for a relationship or if it had to with something else. Regardless, she said she wanted to try being friends with me while she figures out her mental health. I know it wasn't easy for her to do because she was extremely upset. I'm hoping for maybe a chance to recover things in the future with her because we had such a great thing going and I saw something in her, however I respected her initial decision and for now I'm going along with it. Anyway, my question is, do you have amy advice on how I could go about possibly trying to date her again after she's feeling better with herself? I'm positive her feelings are still there, and I believe we could have an amazing relationship. I just hope our relationship isn't the reason she's been upset. Thank you.

Hi Ian

I think you need to give her all the time she needs and let her make the decision when she is ready. That doesnt mean you should wait around for her either. There is nothing wrong with dating. If you feel you want to date other people than you should. Not much help I know, lol, but really its just about giving her space and time. Hope that helps!


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