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My best friend who is a girl, was really nice to me all of the time. then this morning out of no where sends me "give me some space" i don't know what i did, and i was wondering if anybody can tell me what i should do next because i was gonna ask her out before college ends this week.

Hi, Drew. College is probably stressing her out. Women go through these pretty extreme biological cycles (I'm sure you've heard!), and while some people want to brush it off as "hormones," it's actually a bit more involved - and should not be simply labeled and dismissed. Becoming overwhelmed is a very natural reaction to these extremes, so simply reply that you understand and will give her all the time she needs. And then DO that. Give her time. Be there when she reaches out to you, but try hard not to add anything to her plate.

Also, there's a chance she sensed you were going to ask her out, and this isn't what she wants - at least not right now. For some, denial and detachment are the easiest ways to deal with this, easier than explaining that it's not what she wants.

Still, the bottom line is to give her time and space but remain "there" for her if she needs you. And use this time to focus on yourself. Do something you've always wanted to do.

I wish you the best!


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