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Hi Sandi,
I wanted to ask you what I should do in this situation. So I like this guy and liked him for a while (couple months). So I finally decided to tell him I like him. So we both are taking summer school and we hang out in the same place so when our break came (we only get one) I was super nervous but when the bell rang I motion him to come and I flat out said this is easy to tell you but I like you.... He instantly started smiling,face got red pushed his hair back and said alright gave me a fist bump and we walk to our class. I told him the last day of the week (Thursday). Now I'm somewhat regretting telling him because I don't wanna ruin my friendship if he doesn't like me back. On top of that, he has an ex and he's sorta talking to her again so I really don't know what to do when Monday comes.  Extra Info: In high school, I'm 16 and he's 16

Hi Destiny

Do you think you can just be friends with him if he doesn't show any interest in a relationship? If so than I would just act normal like you would any other time. Dont say anything more about liking him or dating. Just act like he is a friend. Let him make the next move. Its always awkward in these kinds of situations but I think you did the right thing in letting him know how you feel. Good luck! And please let me know if you want to talk more


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