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I want to know that this guy likes me or not.. first of all  I want to tell that he is coaching teacher but he is just 2-3 yrs. older than me so he gives me mixed signals like he always smiles at me ,he stares at me ,sit closer if possible, sometimes our knees collapse, one day I don't came to the coaching so next day he asked me everything that where were you gone and with whom etc... but sometimes he behaves strange especially infront of everyone .. so what does it mean does he like me or not ??? Please tell and one more thing that how do dilated pupils look like when attracted to someone? And some more signs that he likes me or not ??please reply soon

Hi Samaira

I dont think you can tell by someones pupils if they like you or not. I would say if he is your teacher from school than you shouldn't be concerned if he likes you or not. You dont want to get involved with your coach. Once your out of that school than go for it but I wouldnt now. If this guy acts differently around you compared to other kids and smiles a lot and sits close to you I would say there is a good chance he likes you


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