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What if,a person,suffering from urinary infection.....gets her vagina licked?
Does it affect vagina anyway? one of cousins has urinary infection (organism count between 1000 to 1 lakh)....and she had oral sex with her bf....he licked it for a very long time,she is really tensed....will it affect her,or her bf...anyway??

Hi Dove,

I know from experience how painful and inconvenient Urinary Tract Infections (UTI's) can be. While a very common problem that most women experience at least once, they can become serious if not treated promptly. Since you gave me the organism count I'm going to assume that your cousin has already been to the doctor who prescribed her a round of antibiotics. Also, I'm hoping that your cousin has been directed by her physician how to take her pills and is doing so responsibly. It wouldn't hurt to remind her that it's very important to finish the entire prescription and to follow the directions carefully. If any of the above is not true, and your cousin has not yet been tested and treated for a UTI that is the first course of action. There are some diseases that present with UTI-like symptoms, but are in fact, STIs. This is why confirmation by a urine test and a culture is needed.  

Now about your question, I probably would've advised your cousin to avoid sexual contact while her body heals and fights the infection, but as it's a little late for that, I will say that she probably hasn't done any harm and she should relax. It also is not contagious and will not affect her boyfriend in any way. Tell her to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and to limit irritating fluids such as caffeine or alcohol.

To prevent UTIs in the future you can suggest that she pees after sexual contact, wipes herself front-to-back, avoids any perfumed douches or feminine sprays, and wears cotton panties (as opposed to tight thongs, or synthetic materials).

I hope she feels better soon, and remember, if she doesn't feel better shortly after starting her round of antibiotics (her discomfort/burning doesn't lessen, she gets pain in her lower back, or she starts to run a fever) she needs to return to the doctor right away.


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