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I am twelve and have pretty much self-diagnosed myself with depression. Most people probably wouldn't believe me if I told them that, but I have researched it thoroughly and am sure of the mental disease. I moved from Florida to Oregon three months ago. I've been begging to move away from Florida but now that I'm here, I'm still not happy. I have a few friends, but my grades have dropped and I can't concentrate. I have told my step dad about my depression since my mom just won't listen. He thinks it's because I don't have many friends so he joined a whole bunch of groups with kids I can meet. I am not looking forward to these dumb group meetings. It's dragging me down and I am seriously considering suicide, and I'm tired of feeling alone. I was "drowning in the abyss" a little while before we moved, so I'm sure it isn't the move that caused my depression. I have already tried to tell an adult about my depression, but it's like they refuse to listen or they are blocking out the possibility. My self esteem has lowered to nothing at all and I am sneaking around at night with the one friend I have to get in trouble so I can feel something. I don't feel guilty about anything and am beginning to be one of those All About Me girls. I hate that, but I can't control anything anymore! I have the craziest impulses and my anger has been atomic. How can I tell someone in a way they'd understand and how can I control my impulses and feelings?

1st step is to know about your feelings and that you are already doing which is a good sign. Concentrate on the positives in your life, see the glass half full and not half empty. Life is a gift from God. Look around for people who have got much less than you in terms of health and physical things and develop the habit of thankfulness to God. Connect with nature, go for a walk daily and get into some hobby to keep your mind occupied. Get in touch with a psychologist, psyciatrist or counsellor. They will understand your problem and provide solution. Last but not least revert back to me whenever you feel like. (You can contact me at mtariqsalman [at] gmail [dot] com if I'm unavailable here).  

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