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Hi there
I'm not sure if this is the right catergory but I'm wondering if you can tell me if you think my body weight, height, measurements etc. are normal for my age:

age: 16
bust: 72cm
waist: 52cm
hips: 70cm
height: short (I think I'm like 170cm? not sure) - I know I'm just under 5ft
weight: 40kg (85lbs?)

I am short, I know
also the measurements might be slightly inaccurate

so does that seem average to you? also what body shape do I have?


Hi Nicole,

You are definitely below the 50th percentile in terms of height and weight - but this does not mean that you're not "normal". I bet you're probably considered pretty slender and small, but the best person to compare yourself to in this case is not going to be your friends and classmates, but your parents. Are they also on the shorter side? How much did your mom weigh when she was your age? I would assume that you're somewhere in the same ballpark. Additionally, your BMI is around 16.6 which puts you slightly under the average, but not so much that you have cause for concern.

As for body shape - do you mean for the purpose of figuring out what clothes to wear? It's hard to say without seeing you because when it comes to body shape you also have to consider your shoulders, your thighs the length of your legs vs torso and your weight distribution. I would guess that your shape is "straight" or "rectangle" - meaning your bust and hips are balanced but not dramatically larger than your waist. This also means you have tons of options when it comes to dressing your body. I would look for items that emphasize your tiny waist, add the illusion of curves and elongate your leg line. I added some links below for more ideas.

Good luck,


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