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Hi, the last month or two I've noticed re-occuring bumps on my inner thighs. Usually they appear one at a time and go away on their own in about a week. They don't hurt or itch, and usually look like a bad pimple. Once they disappear, they leave a fleshy pink mark where they were. They're a good inch or two away from my labia, so I don't think it could be an std, but I'm scared nonetheless. I've attached a picture for you to reference of one that appeared today. If you could help me figure this out, I would really appreciate it. I can go to the doctor if necessary -- I just want to get this cleared up for good before it turns into something serious.

Thank you so much.

Hi M,

I'm not a doctor, but I would wager a guess that you have a little case of folliculitis, which is when bacteria irritates your hair follicles and causes inflammation. It's particularly common in areas where clothing or skin can rub, chafe, and get sweaty - such as thighs or your groin, for example.

While not a serious condition, you may want to mention them to your doctor just so you get someone with a trained eye to give them a glance and they might write you a prescription for a cream to speed healing-time, or in severe cases, they might give you an antibiotic. Most likely though, this is something that can be treated at home. Keep the area clean and dry, don't wear super tight pants, don't shave over the area and consider using a little antibacterial ointment or soap. If you ever feel like they're spreading, they continue to reoccur, or you come down with a fever, it's definitely time to talk to a physician.

Good luck,


P.s. if you google folliculitis -- which you should just to read up on it and see it it fits --be prepared to see some super worst-case scenario pictures. Here's a picture of a not-so-terrifying case:

p.p.s if you think I'm totally off base, let me know and I'll do some more brainstorming.  

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