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Puffy eyes :(
Puffy eyes :(  
Hi, I'm an 18 year old boy and I have puffy eyes. I've been searching the web for causes and found out that I don't have any of the mentioned, like: lack of sleep, stress, kidney problems etc. I think I'm a very healthy individual who trains regularly and gets enough sleep. But I just can't figure out why I have had this problem for over 4 years now... They're not dark, just swollen and really noticable in certain lighting. It's like 2 lines coming from in between my eyes and nose area and going downwards. And it's not a genetic thing either... So maybe it's some kind of a hormone thing or something. I hope you'll tell me some solutions and reasons for this...

Hi L,

To me your eyes look pretty normal, and it seems like you ruled out many of the reasons I would've suggested including genetics and getting enough sleep. Other things that could be going on is the position that you're sleeping in, like  lying flat on your back, could be causing the area to retain fluid. Also congestion and/or changes in humidity, a diet high in salt, and allergies can contribute to the problem.

You can try drinking more water, cleaning up your diet if you're eating a lot of fast food, and ruling out allergies. For a quick fix try pressing something cool against the skin under your eye, like an ice cube wrapped in a cloth, or a cold teabag in order to reduce the swelling.

If you're really worried it might be worth mentioning to your doctor the next time you get a check up, but I have to say, from an aesthetic standpoint, I think you're fine.

Good luck,


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