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Ok, I'm 14 and last Monday I smoked half of a cigarette and then Wednesday I took a hit from a black and mild cigar and that's all I've ever done. I haven't done it since and don't really plan on doing it again but I'm going to the doctor Friday and I need to know if that stuff or show up in a urine test or blood test? Also if I've smelled weed just the smoke well that show up in it? At the doctors are going to prick my finger and take blood that way so would tobacco show up in that or a urine test? I really don't need my mom to find out about this that's why I'm worried. Thanks :)

So sorry I didn't get to this question before your Dr's appointment! Hopefully the visit went fine and your anxieties were laid to rest, but just in case:

Nicotine can show up in blood and urine but I *highly* doubt that is what your doctor is testing for. Still, smoking is a horrible idea, especially at your age, so don't do it! Also, if you've smelled weed, it will not show up in a urine test.

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