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Dear Dr Salman,
i live in Germany (but I'm originally from florida, that's why I often visit US websites like this) and here it is nearly 3 am already. I have to get up for school today at 5:45 am though and I cannot sleep! :( the xmas-break is just over where I usually got up at around noon & tomorrow is the first day of school.
what shall I do, shall I just try to stay awake until morning? Cause I think it would be much easier to get up in the morning with no sleep at all than with about 3 hours of sleep..... do you understand what I mean?

For today, its OK to stay awake until morning. But you have to reset your biological clock from tomorrow onwards, which means, go to bed early at night, switch off the lights and stay in bed without indulging in any activity even if you are not able to sleep. Its difficult and requires lot of will power but will help you in future to have a good routine.  

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