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QUESTION: I Havent Started My Period At All Before- And I Just Got A Really Bad Stomach Ach- I Cant Stand Up Straight Or Lay Down On My Bely To Get Sleep And Ill Have To Go To School In A Little While! What Does Thus Mean And What Should I Do By The Way Im 13 And Again Havent Started My Period At All Before

ANSWER: Hi Vanessa, sounds like you were wondering if you were experiencing cramps, and it's hard to say without knowing more about the type of pain and its location.

Firstly, I know it's all the same general area, but menstrual cramps aren't really felt in your stomach - they're lower down, almost between your hip bones. Pain higher up (closer to the bottom of your rib cage, or localized to one side, might be an indication that you're ill, especially if it's severe or accompanied by throwing up. Never hesitate to tell your parents or a teacher if you're truly feeling unwell.

Secondly, period cramps are different for everyone some women have extremely painful cramps and may need to see a doctor to talk about ways to handle them, but most people describe cramps as a dull ache, or intermittent pain that is uncomfortable but not debilitating. Usually they can be treated with a little ibuprofen or a heating pad. They can also be accompanied by other PMS symptoms such as tender breasts or feeling more tired or emotional.

Good luck, hope you felt better in time for school,


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QUESTION: But How Is It Cramps If I Dont Have My Period?

Hi Vanessa, I'm sorry - I thought you were wondering if you were about to start your period and might've been experiencing cramps for the first time. I'm sorry I misunderstood. If you are still feeling ill, you need to see a doctor.


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