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Hello, I'm a 16 years old guy and I've been having this problem since I was 12. I think it's PPP(pearly penile...I can't remember right now) but I am not sure and it got worst in the last year. I attached some photos, so you can have a look at what i'm talking about. The pores are like filled with fat. I can squeeze some of them and something white comes out . If I stretch the skin they get very pronounced. Sometimes when I sweat they get itchy. I would like to know if it's a dangerous disease and if there's a treatment for it. I want to mention that I never had sex before. Also, I think my testicles are very small compared to my penis when it's erect. Will they get bigger? Thank you very much.

Dear Alex, its some benign skin infection/ allergic condition which will be diagnosed by a physician after physical examination and microscopic examination of its scraping, if needed. Its not dangerous and fully treatable but you must consult your physician and not feel shy about it. Size of testicle does not increase with erection. Please measure the actual length and width and let me know.

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