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Hi Dr. Salman,

For the past few weeks, I've been feeling progressively unwell. It started off with me having lower abdominal pains (located mainly around the left side). Now the pain has also spread to my upper left abdomen and back. However, it's nothing extremely painful, so I haven't been very worried. Occasionally the pain is very sharp, but all I need to do is re-adjust my position and then I'm better.

Something that has been bothering me a lot is my breathing. About two years ago I got walking pneumonia, and had it for 6 months before getting treated with antibiotics and two inhalers. Since then I've been doing well, but lately I feel a lot like I've relapsed. I don't feel, or hear any fluid in my lungs (when I had walking pneumonia it was quite audible), but I'm having quite a hard time breathing. Just walking fast to class or picking something up can put me very out of breath.

I like to think of myself as in shape (I've been doing competitive gymnastics since I was 11), so I don't know why I've been running out of breath so fast. Sometimes my entire airways feel tight, and I have to take an incredibly deep breath, which usually turns into a yawn/sigh and hurts my lungs. It's all very frustrating, and sometimes scary.

What is wrong with me? I no longer have health insurance, so I haven't been able to go to the doctor, and probably won't unless its serious. I've told my parents, but they've been dismissive (they're not bad parents, I'm just a slight hypochondriac). Do I need to get another inhaler, and is my abdominal pain related to my breathing problems?

Thank you!


I'm sorry to know that you cannot see your doctor without a health insurance. A proper diagnosis cannot be made without actual physical examination. I think you need the inhaler again. Abdominal pain is not related to breathing problem. You just need to have more rest, better food and symptomatic treatment for pain.

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