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Hi, sorry this will be a bit long so I don't mind if you want to ignore.
I'm sixteen in a few months and experience some symptoms that I find concerning, frightening, and crippling and am not sure if they are entirely 'normal'

-In social situations I experience panic attacks and tend to hide if I am left in one alone instead of facing it.
-I only have two people I consider my friends.
-There are some kinds of food that I kind of freak out with and just can't eat.
-I have obsessions with a game and a novel I am writing myself (More so one character that used to be like an imaginary best friend to me but then I put him into my manuscript)
-I either excel in subjects in school or fail at them
-My emotions are strong and overwhelming and tend to cause me to cry or verbally abuse someone
-I don't get 'sarcasm'
-I really don't care about stupid mundane things my friends have done (even though I really appreciate my friends and try to make myself care) which has led to loss of friends
-I have repetitive behavior where I have to wear a certain color of clothes, have to do the same routine every night, have to use certain cutlery etc.
-I can feel attached to people I haven't even spoken to
-I can't start a conversation and apparently maintain dead end conversations at inappropriate times
-I tend to repeat something over and over is someone found it funny.
-I react badly to situations (eg laugh at something sad even if I do find it sad)
-I can't talk on the phone
-If I don't want to do something I generally wont do it (like schoolwork)

I've made an assumption that's it is Aspergers syndrome and so have others but my parents think I'm putting it on because I am 'jealous' of my sister who is autistic and think I just want to be different when I really want to be able to get help with this so I can have a decent future.

I know that asking online won't give me the best answer but I need help with how to go about suggesting to my parents to get me help. I am bad at confrontation and when I have brought it up it is apparently a bad time to do it.

Thank you for any help and if you can't help that's ok. Sorry for bothering you but I know I need to do something soon.

Although, not entirely 'normal', your symptoms are just an exaggeration of the mood swings most children around your age experience. The good thing is that you are aware of your symptoms and willing to change. See your school councellor, or some psychologist/therapist. Share your feelings with people you trust and consider as friends and focus on showing the right behaviour in different situations by developing your will power. Best of luck.  

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