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Teen Pregnancy/Just tell me how to kill this pregnancy.


Katy wrote at 2012-07-02 15:37:13
Hello Kimberly ,

 I'm 13 years old ! And my menstruation didn't come for two weeks already but I never have sex. I want to ask you , why my menstruation didn't come ??

MissHelpless wrote at 2015-02-13 23:12:37
In some countries like mine abortions are illegal but people for personal reasons can't have the baby and need to get rid of it at home

second chance help wrote at 2016-05-11 00:11:40
I can offer assistance with a pRogram that help to pay for your abortion or did youu plan to keep it. They can even refund money if you show proof you paid over 100.


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Kimberley, Expecting Mother.


I am 20 years old, and have a beautiful 21 month old daughter, a 7 month old son and pregnant with my third child. I can answer any questions about dealing with teenage pregnancy, telling your partner/mother/father etc. I can help you find out if you are pregnant, how to cope through-out pregnancy, the birth and raising your child. I can help with the different options of child birth. How to recover after birth and preparing for the arrival of the baby. I can also help you deal with abortion or thinking about abortion. I myself have had an abortion so I know how it feels. Dealing with an abortion isn't easy, so I will help in any way I possibly can. I can answer most questions on teen pregnancy, and I may not have the perfect answer every time but I will always try my best.


I am a 19 year old mother, I have two beautiful children. I am pregnant with my third. I have learned how to cope and support myself during my pregnancy, and raising my child.

I belong to a group in my local community to help teenage mothers. It is for support for mothers expecting or mothers that have had children in their teenage years. I also belong to a group helping mothers who have children with learning difficulties.

I have 2 children of my own, and am expecting another. I have worked in a nursery with children with learning difficulties. And days during the week I work in a local nursery caring for young children.

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