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Teen Pregnancy/My rights as a underage father


Allen J wrote at 2012-12-01 18:20:04
I believe you should try and not worry so much

about how the mother will feel.  There are to many children out there not knowing there father.  And you have rights it's time to start taking those rights serious.  Maybe you can work out something with the mom.  The child is the most important in this and if your upstanding and can be a positive role model go and fight for it.  Your child deserves that if nothing else.  

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Diana Archer


I can answer questions on looking after your baby, looking after yourself during the pregnancy, dealing with friends/boyfriends/parents, dealing with school, telling your parents, and I am also a good listener if you just need someone to hear all your worries. I really care about the people that ask questions, and I'll be right here every step of the way! I also got pregnant myself at fifteen, so I'm not going to judge you. Oh, and guys, I'll be away for a while soon, so if you want someonet to talk to, before I'm away ask me for my email, and I'll keep in touch:) Oh, and yes, I do support abortion. Keep that in mind if you really are against it. Oh, and if you feel like calling me names (As some people do, as they can't handle people who are different), don't worry, I promise that I don't mind:)


I'm a sexual health nurse at a Family Planning clinic. I have many qualifications and much experience in the area of teenage pregnancy, having done counseling in this area, and administer practical advice on baby care, the emotional side of the pregnancy,telling your parents, how to deal with school, and much more. Am currently studying to upgrade to a gynecologist, but I've also done a lot of papers on midwifery

Family planning clinic, Youth Help, Teenage Pregnancy Association.


Studied at University of Auckland. Have also trained in counselling.

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Nurse of The Year from the National Health Organisation.

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All the lovely ladies that I look after.

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