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okay so , me and my boyfriend had sex a little over a week ago. maybe a week and three days ?  and a couple days after I started noticing id get these stomach pains right on the sides or right under my belly button. I still get these now too. I would always feel sick in thr mornings and feel like I couldnt keep food down . but during the night I cant stop eating and I crave really wierd things. my moods have been changing from being really depressed to fine to mad for no reason . im always hot , and cold . I did get my period but I got it earlier than I should have and it was only for a couple of days and it was very heavy wich is unusual for me . is it possible I could be pregnant?

Hi Amanda,

Most women don't start experiencing morning sickness until the fifth or sixth week, and while some may experience it as early as the third week, 10 days would be really early. In fact many women don't know they're pregnant for the first few weeks because there aren't many noticeable signs. Sometimes, as the embryo embeds in the uterine wall, women will feel some cramping and may even spot a little, but it should be much lighter than a normal period. If you had heavy bleeding, I would not consider that a typical symptom.  

This being said, I can't tell from your message if you had completely unprotected sex, but if you did and you want to be completely sure, you may want to take a test. I would run to the drugstore, or stop by the doctor's office, if nothing more than just for the peace of mind. Either way, keep an eye on the symptoms you're experiencing and if you don't start to feel better soon, I'd really recommend going to your physician to see what's going on.  

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