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Okay so im 18 today. My bf n i had sex 2 weeks ago, he had a condom on and withdrew as well. Problem is the 1st day of my last pd was the 20th of sept and my pd hasnt come yet. Im feeling nauseous once in a while, no vomiting tho, lower back pain, and constantly using the bathroom. I have a feeling i am pregnant but then i remember no s**** went in me, we were protected! Could i be pregnant???

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Nothing like a late period to give you a scare. However, in your case I sincerely doubt you are pregnant. Condoms, while not perfect, do a pretty decent job at protecting you from pregnancy. The trick is that they have to be used correctly every single time, but if you're positive that there were no accidents, then your chance of being pregnant is very slim. For total peace of mind, I would really look into birth control pills, or even better, an IUD.  Condoms are great for keeping you safe from STIs and I'm going to encourage you to keep using them, but consider investing in a backup plan. Also, Have you started seeing a gynecologist yet? If not, it's time to start.

All this being said, if you don't get your period in the next few days, I would pick up a test just to be sure. When it comes to pregnancy, it's always better to know than not know, and the earlier you do, the easier it is to plan your next steps.

As for your symptoms, those do concern me a little. Lower back pain and frequent urination sounds a bit like a UTI to me. You should consider seeing a someone to rule out an infection or other medical issues. Drugstores and Targets have walk-in clinics that are great resources when you need someone to run a quick urine test - and they're much faster than a trip to the doctor's office.

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