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my friend is 13 and i would like to know what are the side effects because she believes she is plus her boyfriend is 15 and he denies that it is his! what should we do?

Hi N,

Are you talking about the symptoms of pregnancy? Or did you mean the side effects?

Early pregnancy symptoms can include:

1. Missed period - the most obvious and usually the earliest sign
2. Swollen or sore breasts
3. Nausea - not usually felt until the 5th or 6th week
4. Extreme fatigue
5. Backaches/ Headaches
6. Mood swings/cramping/bloating - very PMS-like

Has your friend actually taken a test? That's step one. Step two, I would refer your friend to her local Planned Parenthood so she can discuss her options. If she's considering abortion she needs to be aware that some states require parental consent or notification and should call this hotline 1-800-772-9100, or check out this site: http://www.positive.org/Resources/consent.html for more information. Regardless of whether she turns out to be pregnant, this boyfriend sounds like a jerk she should be encouraged to dump him immediately.

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