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I am sixteen years old and I fear I'm pregnant. I had sex about sixteen days ago with a condom and I am also on birth control. The birth control I take is Amethia Lo, so I don't have my period until the last week of the third month of my pills. When I had sex with Adam I was on the second to last day of the last week of pills. I had just ended my period and the had still been a little their that same morning but wasn't very noticeable. My new pack had not come into walgreens yet so I missed the first two new pills. The pack directions said that if you miss one day it is okay to take the missed pill and the current day pill. So on Tuesday I tolls both the Sunday and Monday pills, and Wednesday I took both Tuesday and Wednesday. The pack never said anything about doing that so I have no idea what that would do.. I have been feeling very full and have not had any appetite for any kind of food. Normally I eat a lot but lately I haven't been able to eat anything. I've also been very tired and that's not good for me because I'm and athlete. I play three sports and am currantly in full swing of basketball season. I have been working out since school started and I don't understand why Im so tired all of the sudden. I just had spotting on friday, saturdayy, and today,anand ive heard that impartial bleeding or something like that can happen like two weeks afterl insemenation. So I'm extremely nervous. All signs are mixed and jumbled around I'm nervous. I have a successful future ahead of me and I might've ruined it. Help.


When I first read your question, I was going to tell you that I was worried because the most common time pill failure occurs is when starting a new pack is delayed, as it was in your case.

Then, I re-read your question and was thrilled to see that you used a condom. This is exactly why condoms are so awesome, you had a little "oopsie moment" with your birth control, but the condom acted as your parachute. If you used the condom correctly and there was no spilling or breaking, the chances of you being pregnant are slim. So the first step is to relax. Step two is to pick up a "just in case" pregnancy test, for the peace of mind. I don't think you're pregnant, but better to make sure than to have the question hanging over your head. Step three is when the test comes back negative, evaluate your fatigue objectively. It could be that you're anemic, or your diet has changed, or you're experiencing a heightened level of stress that needs to be addressed.

Please try not to worry too much, and keep using condoms!


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