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Hello , i had sex a week after my period and the condom popped he did not ejaculate but his precum was inside me .. now 2 weeks before me expected period i felt a yeast infection come on so i went to the doctors im afraid i dnt know what kind of medication they gave me but i know it was four big pulls and then another pill to take the next day,, i also got a pregnacy teat done and it was negative ... Now its time for my period and all i have been gettibg is faint cramps ..i was 2 days late and i finally get my period but its light and i am scared ive been stressed ..but ive been stressed before and my period has come on time so i am really scared that i might be pregnant :(

Hi K,

If your boyfriend didn't ejaculate inside of you, the chances of you being pregnant are really, really slim. Precum on it's own does not contain sperm. In some cases, if a man ejaculates and then does not urinate before becoming aroused again, the precum can pick up trace amounts of sperm that were left in the urethra - this is why some people say that you can get pregnant from precum. Technically it could be possible, but the chances are very, very low.

Also, it sound like you got your period -- not every period is going to be exactly like the one before. So you can relax, I don't think you're pregnant.

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