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hi im Dee and im 18 years old I'm a CNA worker and I have out a girlfriend we been together since the fourth grade and still together we talked a lot about having a baby ! But never went threw it. Her last to first period was on the the 7th of november and we had unpertected sex on the 24th at 12am and 5am i did busted in her at the 12am and 5am DEEP ! real DEEP yes i know it sounds wrong nasty what ever but i did her next period is on the 2nd but is there a chance she can be Pregnant I mean online we looked and it said her fertile days were the 13th to the 18th 19th idk but sometimes thats not true for every girl were both 18 and CNA's and ready to be parents i just wanted to know is there a chancce she can be.........  ????

Hi, D,
If your girlfriend follows a strict 28 day cycle than you probably missed your girlfriend's last ovulation period, but you're right that not every girl follows this patter - so yes, there is a chance that you're pregnant.

I think it's amazing that you and your girlfriend have been together all these years and your commitment to each other is really inspiring. However,I would really encourage you took look up the average cost of a child per year compared to your combined salaries. I've actually know a few CNAs who have become parents and not only have they struggled with making the ends meet (especially with daycare!) but they've realized after the fact that if they want to provide their kids with a college education, they themselves need a higher degree to pursue higher paying jobs - however haven't had either the time or money to achieve that degree due to having a child.

It's not that I doubt your ability to be a good dad, I'm sure you'll be great. I just want to make sure you have all your bases covered.

Good luck,


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