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Okay so when I first got my period 4 days after having sexual intercourse I asked you if I was pregnant and you said I should be fine. And after I finished my period it was pretty normal and I bled heavy on the first few days and then average the next 2 days and then it eventually stopped. It's 11 days later and I feel like I've gained some weight but I'm not sure if its just because I've been eating a lot or what. But I shouldn't be pregnant if my last period was heavy right? And I think I started ovulating the 18th of November because I started seeing white stuff in my underwear and I looked up how to tell if you're ovulating and from what it says I think I am. But I'm still nervous if I'm pregnant or not! Please help!


In your original note I don't think you mentioned if the sex was unprotected, I'm going to assume that it was. What I think happened is that you got very, very lucky. Sounds to me like you got a normal period and I still doubt you're pregnant. If you were, it would be too early for symptoms like weight gain, so you might want to chalk that one up to the holiday season :)

If you're really worried - and it sounds like you are - go buy a pregnancy test just to make sure. Enough time has passed for it to give you an accurate reading.

I can tell how anxious you've been over this and I want to remind you that sex should be a fun way of connecting with your partner, not a source of stress and fear! But the only way to avoid these types of freak-outs is by using safe, consistent protection every time. So talk to your mom about a birth control prescription and buy yourself a box of condoms - not only is it the responsible thing to do, but it'll do wonders for your peace-of-mind.

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