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I'm not exactly sure, but a few weeks ago, my bf and I was "fooling around" and he ejaculated (i'm not sure if he pre-ejaculated or ejaculated). i remembered that i helped him clean up with a tissue, and he may have some left on his hands. But he fingered me afterwards, and i was wondering if there's a possibility that that would make me pregnant or not?
But i haven't had my period yet, i don't recall ever getting mine last month.
Also, i took the pregnancy test, and it came out negative, but i'm still pretty paranoid.

Hi J.,

If your boyfriend did not ejaculate in your vagina, I can be fairly certain you are not pregnant. Conceiving without intercourse is very unlikely, but I am glad that you went ahead and took a pregnancy test. If you want absolute peace of mind, wait four to five days and take a second test. I would also recommend using a calendar to keep track of your menstrual cycle so you can predict with accuracy when it's supposed to come, it sounds like you might be a little uncertain about if you had it last month. If you continue to miss periods, but you're able to rule out pregnancy, it's time to see a doctor, just to make sure you're healthy.

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