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hi.  my name is brett and i'm 15 and so is my gf sara.  we are both virgins and she wants to stay that way till shes married but i don't.  so instead of havin regular sex shes been letting me have sex with her in her butt.  she is usully on her stomach with her legs spread and after i cum i pull my dick out of her butt and all the sperms that i squirted into her comes running out and goes down into her pussy crack.  can a girl get pregnant like that??  or does a guy have to cum up inside her pussy?  i heard that sperms die once air hits them so i'm thinkin that by the time my cum runs down into her pussy crack then they are already dead??  it would SOO suck for her to get pregnant and i rly don't want to wear a condom cuz it feels so good to me to cum inside her butt and then watch it all run out.  but if she could get pregnant from it then i will wear one.  thanks.  brett

Hey, B.

Sperm don't die because they're hit by air, not immediately at least. They'll die when the semen dries, but there's nothing that happens to them on impact of oxygen that causes them to shrivel up and roll over. So if your semen ends up in/on/around your girlfriend's vagina - sure, it can theoretically get her pregnant and regardless, the sperm will still be very much alive during the time it takes to eject from your penis and travel down to her vulva. Is it likely that she's going to conceive this way? No, not really, but it's not a risk you want to take.

I don't really agree with your girlfriend that she's preserving her virginity by substituting vaginal penetration with anal, but hey, I can respect a girl that decides she's not ready for vaginal intercourse but wants to explore other aspects of her sexuality. That's fine, but being sexually active comes with a set of responsibilities to each other and to yourself. So do you need to wear a condom? Definitely. Pregnancy and STI's are no joke and you have the tools to protect yourself and your girlfriend, so you need to use them.

But there's another reason too:

You gotta get used to the way condoms work; the way they feel when they're in use, how to put them on quickly and efficiently and how to take them off when you're finished. Eventually you're going to reach an age where most of your peer group is sexually active and the girls that you're going to want to date - the smart, responsible ones that don't want an infection or a baby - they're going to expect the guys they're with to have condoms and know how to use them. I'd start practicing now. Need a brand recommendation? Try Trojan BareSkins or Lifestyles Thyn - they're both thinner than standard condoms.  

Good luck,


P.S. I'm not sure I'd consider you a virgin, B. If I was Dan Savage, I'd say: "that's why we call it "anal sex" not "anal notsex". Dan Savage has a great advice podcast, by the way, I would give it a listen. Anal sex, in regards to comfort and safety, is a frequent topic.

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