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Teen Pregnancy/am i pregnant? or is my mind messing with me?


hi there,
sorry to bother you but no matter how much i try i cant clam down over possibly being pregnant. me and my bf did NOT have intercourse in any way it was a dry hump in fact i was in panties he had compression shorts on. after about 5 minuets i realized he precame. i then quickly got off him. i then looked at my underwear realizing i was wet and i felt it to make sure threw my underwear.i then freaked out cuz i think some pre-cum was on my fingers but it was dry i then after a few more minuets went to the bath room. i have very usual period's and can skip over 3 mouths at a time but lately iv bin on track after that iv bin stressing out and he says my symptoms are coming out because im stressing over it its bin 3 weeks and the symptom that scares me is the brownish discharge im getting witch is said to happen at this time. im only 16 and im scared out of my mind and can barely go buy a test my mind is unsuitable and i would like a strait answer is it my actually messed up period or am i possibly pregnant.

your truly, a scared girl


You are almost certainly not pregnant. How's that for a straight answer? :)

Pre-ejaculate can sometimes contain sperm if a man has ejaculated earlier and then failed to clear his urethra by using the bathroom afterwards. However, precum in its natural state does not contain sperm. Combined with the fact that you were both wearing a layer of clothes, and there was no penetration, it would be virtually impossible for you to get pregnant.

I think you are really, really stressed out, which remember, can mess with your cycle. Take a second to breathe and let your body regulate. I think you're going to be fine.

If you and your boyfriend are considering having sex, or you've already started, I would strongly recommend a birth control prescription and stocking up on condoms so these type of anxiety-causing situations don't happen - I know how frightening they can be!


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