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Hello, I had sex with my girlfriend of 4 years with no condom and I ejaculated in her, How likely is she going to be pregnant? How many tries does it take to get someone pregnant?

Hi A.

Statistically speaking, each ovulatory cycle you have about a 25% chance of conceiving.

When having unprotected sex for three months, 40% of couples conceive and that number jumps to 70% after six months of unprotected sex. But these numbers are generally based on couples who are trying to conceive and are actively having sex during ovulation. You see, it's not really about how many times you have sex, as much as it is the timing. There's a window each month where your girlfriend's egg is viable and ready to be fertilized, if you have sex during this window the chances of conceiving are pretty good.

If you're not ready to roll that dice quite yet, I strongly recommend wearing a condom. I like to suggest Trojan's BareSkin style, I believe they're some of the thinnest on the market, so they're great for sensation while still keeping you protected from pregnancy.

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