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So my fiance came home for leave on the 21st of November till the 25th of November, we had unprotected sex each of those days. I had my period the 14th of November till the 20th, it was very normal 7 days long. After he left to go back to BAT (basic airborne training) I started to have cramps,fatigue,mood swings,headaches,lower back aches,hot flashes, I started to have frequent urination, I also had Brown discharge for a few days (no smell) and I started to break out terribly (in places I normally do not). I felt pregnant and fat even. I also went to the store early Dec. 1st and as I was walking down the isle looking at things I came across the canned tuna and felt sick. The one thing that truly worried me was on Sunday the 9th of Dec I started to bleed (3 days before my period was due), it lasted only a few hours. I took two test (one clear blue and the other at my doctors) and both came out negative. The day before my period was due (11th of Dec) I discharged this pinkish/brownish discharge. I started my period as normal on the 12th of Dec, I was very relieved that I had started and figured I wasn't pregnant but it was very light and I didn't have leg cramping as usual, it was accompanied by more Brown discharge than blood. I also had a terrible sharp pain in my lower stomach area, I went to the bathroom and noticed a clear mucus with small blood clots, brown discharge and what looked to be like tissue. My period is still present but very light and not the normal red blood, I have more brown discharge than blood. Also my lower back has been killing me and I've had headaches. Also food that I normally eat has no taste now. Any ways what's wrong with me, am I pregnant, did I have a miscarriage or could it be something else. My period has never been abnormal and I have never bled three days prior to starting. I'm on BC (tri-cyclen Lo) have been since July of 2011. Any advice would be terrific, thanks(:

Hi, M.

I'm so sorry for the discomfort and concern you're experiencing. I cannot say definitively what, if anything, is wrong, but it does not sound like what you're experiencing is a miscarriage. I'm basing this on the fact that you took more than one pregnancy test at the appropriate time of the month and that you've been on birth control pills for over a year. Also, even though you had a little spotting beforehand, it sounds like your cycle is still regular and predictable. As for the tissue that you saw, it could very well be larger pieces of endometrial tissue.

My advice would be the "wait and see" approach, keep an eye on your symptoms and go back to the doctor if they get any worse. I would be willing to bet that in the next month or two, things will return to normal.

Good luck,


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