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Hi, I'm really worried atm, I am 16 and I have been on the pill for 4 months. I dont alwats take it at exactly the same time every day but normally around a 4 hour period. I have frecuent sex with my boyfriend without using a condom. I am due a period tomorrow but it doesnt feel like ones coming. I have very swolen and sore breasts and my mouth and gums have been hurting allot. My lower back is sore quite allot and I have been feeling sick throughout most of the day for the past week. I have also lost my appitite and my stomach is bloted at the bottem not completly rounded as usual bloating for me. Is it possible my pill has failed or am I just scared for no reason?

Thanks loads


Hi D,

If you're on regular birth control and not the "mini pill" that four hour window is probably fine - not ideal - but it shouldn't compromise your protection dramatically.

Pills most frequently fail at the end of an old pack/the start of a new pack especially if there is any delay in starting the new supply. However if you are being careful about taking your pill daily and never forgetting a day, then you should still be safe from unplanned pregnancy, even if you do sometimes take it a few hours late.

I know you wrote this question a couple of days ago - has your period come yet? Technically until the week of your expected period has passed you haven't "skipped" yet and there is no reason to become alarmed until you're sure you've missed it.

I would recommend that you set an alarm either on your cell phone or your watch that goes off daily and reminds you to take your pill. I would also suggest using condoms as a back up method for extra insurance - believe me, the peace of mind is worth it!

Good luck,


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