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QUESTION: so me and my boyfriend had sex on new years eve the condom came off inside of me and we had no idea unroll we stopped we got plan b,but he couldn't get it to me untill a half an hour be4 my 72 hours were up however I still couldn't take it we had to eat dinner an  my parents have no idea.so as result I couldn't take  it untill after my 72 hours were up.with that being said I started spotting on the 9th of this month which is usually around when I start my period.my lower back has been hurting me and I've been feeling dizzy and like I'm going to get sick.however the spotting has gotten extreamly heavy way heavier then any of my periods.we also had sex on the 6th once again the condom came off.my tummy has gotten bigger and I have a hard time going and staying asleep. could I be pregnant?


This is kind of a tricky situation. Firstly, good for you guys for taking the initiative to get plan B. Secondly, taking the plan B an hour or so late doesn't necessarily render it completely worthless, but it does decrease its effectiveness. The good news is, it sounds like you got your period. I would be worried if it hadn't come, but it sounds like the emergency contraception did its job, and you dodged a bullet.

What leaves me a bit concerned is the second time the condom came off - was it before or after ejaculation? If came off after he finished, there is a chance that you could be pregnant.

Furthermore, condoms coming off during sex should not be a common occurrence. The fact that this keeps happening makes me think that there's a problem with how it's being put on, the fit, or lack of lubrication.

Fortunately, all those things can be fixed. Talk to your boyfriend about how the condom is fitting - is it waaay too tight, or a little loose? Different brands and styles fit differently, so you may need to experiment. If you're suffering from any vaginal dryness, that can create friction and pull the condom off, so make sure you're fully ready to go and maybe consider using a drop or two of lube. Lastly, here's a video about how to correctly put on a condom - I know it's kinda goofy but it's really important to follow all the tips especially the part where you pinch the reservoir tip and roll down the condom down all the way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdSq2HB7jqU

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QUESTION: So it is now the 26th I took a test the 24th which was neg but my nipples have gotten darker and my boobs are sore and I've been very tired and my back seems to hurt a lot I've had very little cramping and on the 23 &24 I realized I was getting dizzy a lot as well as feeling out breath just from walking,and I'm a soccer player so that's not normal. On the 25th I went pee and when I whiped I had a very light pink discharge on the toilet paper I don't get my period till the 9th. This morning when I woke up I had a bad headache. I haven't been hungry and my boyfriend pointed out that I had been very sensitive to smells. My lower Abdaman is hard and I feel very bloated could I be pregnant?

Hi L,

Can you clarify for me, was the last time you had unprotected sex the 6th? Have you had anymore condom mishaps? Have you started using any backup birth control methods like the pill? You had your period starting on the ninth of January, correct?

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