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hello, my name is becca gonzalez. I am pretty sure that i am pregnant but am unable to buy a pregnancy test because i cannot afford one. my mother also can not find out.  i am 15 years old and worried that i am pregnant. my stomach has been growing a bunch, but i think it is just bloating.  I have been throwing up but not in the morning but in the afternoon. i have been tired lately not normal for me. i am a very active person. i have been craving food like crazy. such as hot food ( spicy) i hate spicy food. i get bad headaches. like right now i have a huge headache. my back has been hurting in the lower area. i havent had my period since the 28th of november.  i have been going to the bathroom a bunch too.  my boyfriend noticed some mucus coming out of my viginia after sex and he hadnt cum yet. we had sex and he cummed in me 2 days after my last period.  i have been having white stuff all over my underwear. i have also had a lot of cramping. i cant remember anything either. please tell me what to do.

Hi B,

Firstly, mucus coming out of your vagina is completely normal - that's what the white stuff in your underwear is. This is how your body keeps itself clean and lubricated - it's a good thing! What would not be normal is if you are feeling itching or pain, notice an unpleasant smell, or the discharge is green or white and clumpy.

As for your pregnancy scare, if you were expecting your period around the end of December and it still hasn't come, it is important that you get tested. Many local health departments offer free tests, and Planned Parenthood is also a good resource. The sooner you find out if you're pregnant, the more options you'll have - so don't put off finding out.


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