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Is it safe to paint your nails once in a while during your second trimester (I'm 6 months)? If neither of the toxic fumes are in it, is it ok? Like let's say once, maybe twice a month but no more than that? I don't want to endanger my son since I'm only 17!

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That's a really good question and it looks like people are undecided on the issue. As you mentioned, the consensus is that fumes are a concern, so ventilation is key (that means no salons). While there is almost no evidence that nail polish has caused poor birth outcomes, some common ingredients in nail polish (DBP, toluene and formaldehyde) are known to be dangerous in-and-of-themselves and people are undecided about whether nail polish contains those chemicals in levels high enough to be harmful. The recommendation that I've seen is, if you want to paint your nails, look for brands that are "3 free" (made without those three ingredients I mentioned)and paint minimal coats in a well ventilated room.

For a list of good vs bad brands, here's a link courtesy of the bump: http://pregnant.thebump.com/pregnancy/first-trimester/qa/can-i-use-nail-polish-w

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