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Hello Julia,

This is kind of an embarassing question to ask, but I am very worried. So, I was fooling around with my boyfriend yesterday and today for the first time and things got pretty heated. I gave him a hand job and a blow job, and then I laid on my stomach on the bed and he started to rub his penis between my butt cheeks. Then I got on my back and he rubbed his penis along my clitoris. When he was rubbing it on my clitoris though, I still had my underwear on. When I was on  my stomach, it was mainly his shaft that was rubbing between my butt, but the tip of it would occasionally touch between, but I would pull it out pretty quickly.
We didn't have sex (no penetration) and he came on my back/lower back. We're 18 and both virgins, and I should be having my period any day now. I asked him his opinion on whether or not I could be pregnant, and he told me not to worry because he made sure not to get any of his "fluids" near the areas that could get me pregnant.

I am sooo worried that I'm pregnant. Could I get pregnant with what we did today? I'm a very anxious person, and I'm so scared. What do you think? Thank you for your time.

- Gabby

Hi G,

Don't be embarrassed! In my opinion what you described would not in any way result in pregnancy. The main concern here is that his semen is kept well away from vulva, and it sounds like it was. Remember that, while you should always be cautious and not tempt fate, it is very, very rare to get pregnant from anything other than standard intercourse. I'm not overly concerned about you being pregnant - and I don't think you should be too worried either. I'm sure you'll be seeing your period soon.

A note however, condoms don't have to be just for sex. Not only are condoms great at preventing pregnancy/STIs - they're good for other types of play too. Condoms let all that rubbing and touching happen without all the anxiety, and they also make clean-up really easy too. Plus, if you ever did want to start having intercourse with your boyfriend, it's a great idea for a guy to know in advance what a condom is like and to be comfortable in it, how to take it off with out spilling, how to put it on quickly and proficiently, and what brands are going to fit right and feel good. Just something to keep in mind.

Good luck,


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