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QUESTION: Hi... I'm a seventeen year old guy who recently had foreplay with my seventeen year old girlfriend.... Although there was no penetration... She had my penis in her mouth and I also fingered her...but I'm not sure if there was precum on my fingers....I ejaculated on her body but none of it went near her vagina...also we dida lot of "dry humping" but there maybe A chance that my penis came in contact with her vagina :( :/ is there a chance she's pregnant? This happened on the 11th day after her periods got over :/ please help.!


It is possible but highly unlikely. Pre-cum does not contain a large amount of sperm, and the chances of it being on your fingers and making its way into her vagina are very slim. Besides, women are usually not ovulating 11 days after the end of their period. The only thing that I would be slightly concerned about is the dry humping, if there was any ejaculate on your penis during this, it could get into her vagina. But I don't think you should be too worried. In the future you should maybe consider using a condom even if it is just foreplay. Also keeping clothes on during dry humping can help too. Hope this is helpful. Thank you for your question :)

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QUESTION: Thanks a lot for your reply :). Felt really relieved..
However, My gf was planning to take an emergency contraceptive pill after this it a good idea? Or should we be sure that she's not pregnant? Her exams are also going on so we're worried about the side effects...:/
P.S. we've already waited one day and have only two days left to take a decision...:|
would like to know your opinion..thanks

ANSWER: Based on what you told me about the foreplay and period date, I don't feel that an emergency contraceptive would be necessary. However, if it would make you feel better, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you decide to use the emergency pill, Plan B is not too expensive and the side effects are mild. Some side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, but are very rare.

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QUESTION: Hi again :) very sorry to bother you with so many questions..
But I'd like to know your say on this one too..:/ my gf said that she experienced a very heavy flow (she has not experienced such before) during her 2nd day of the period (on march31st) along with cramps in her stomach.. However, her period wasn't late or early or anything. Is this a sign of pregnancy? We had foreplay on 18th or 19th and now we're worried whether this is a symptom or not..

You are not bothering me. I am happy to help. Heavy bleeding is not usually a sign of pregnancy. If her period came on time, it could just be a heavy period...which is very normal. Cramps are also normal with a heavier than normal flow. If you are still feeling unsure, she can take a pregnancy test. Unless the heavy bleeding continues, I think you should stop worrying and be more careful during foreplay.  

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