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So I've been taking the combination pill Lessina, which is low dose, for about two solid months now, and I recently started a new pack this week (this will be my third month) and my period ended a few days ago. As of today, i am on my 5th active pill for the new pack. I've faithfully taken each pill as directed every day around the same time for the past two months, but about two days ago I was 14 hours late, so I doubled up and took two the next day. However, today I had unprotected sex for the first time since my last pack before my period, and he pulled out but there is a chance that something could've gotten inside of me. I'm aware that it is possible for pregnancy to occur, but what are the chances? Should I worry and consult my doctor?
Thank you!

Under these exact circumstances the chances are very small. I really would not worry too much about it. You did the right thing by taking two pills right away. You have already been taking the pill for two months, and only missed your dose by 14 hours. Plus with your period only ending a few days ago, this would not be a highly fertile time of the month for you. Don't stress yourself over it. If you are late on a pill again, you can always use condoms as back up. Just to be extra sure. Thank you for your question.  

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