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Hello! my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time that last time I was on my period. we used a condom and he actually didn't ejaculate either. then about 3 weeks ago, we had sex again. we used a condom and again he didn't ejaculate. my period was a week late and in its place was more of discharge. but exactly a week later than I was supposed to have my period, I got it. is there a chance I'm pregnant? because in the past month I've also grown about an inch taller and gained a couple pounds, and my hips have gotten wider. could it just be stress from school and late because of development? thanks!

Since you used a condom and he did not ejaculate both times, I would say the chance of you being pregnant is very unlikely. The changes you are noticing in your body are most likely just natural developmental changes. Continue to use condoms and don't stress yourself about it. Thank you for your question.  

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