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So, I am 15 years old.. And I know I shouldn't even need to be asking something like this, but I DEFINITELY learned my lesson. Around 2 weeks ago, actually may 11th, my boyfriend who is also 15 and I were sort of messing around. I was a virgin. He ended up putting his penis into my vagina, and he popped my cherry. After that we both were kind of scared and decided we should stop. So, just to make things clear here he stuck his penis into my vagina once, and my cherry popped. It hurt for a while afterward, and I did bleed randomly in very little amounts, only visible when I wiped with toilet paper. I've been stressing this a lot, and I wanted to know if there is a possibility that I am pregnant, and if there is how high that chance is. I was fine at first, fine being not worried, but now I'm approaching my period date and I've read all of this stories online about precum that are really starting to worry me. I'm not positive if he precam but I didn't feel anything of the sort. He only put it in once.. Please help me out here, respond ASAP please. Thank you!

Hi A,

I'm glad to hear you say that you learned your lesson because, as I'm sure you already know, with the variety of birth control options available to you (yes, even at 15) there's no excuse for unprotected sex.

However, I hate to hear that you're stressed and scared, because from what you've described to me the risk of pregnancy would be extremely low. While it is technically possible for a very small amount of sperm to be found in pre-ejaculate, the chance of you getting pregnant in this way is  quite small. This is not to say that you shouldn't protect yourself, and it's not permission to monkey around with the pull-out method (teenage boys especially are notoriously bad at this).

For next time, make your boyfriend buy a box of condoms and save yourself the worry and stress.

Good luck,


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