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Around tree weeks ago, me and this guy had sex, but it wasn't planned or expected, and we didn't use a condom. He said he didn't Cum inside of me but I'm not 100% sure he's telling the truth, I've asked him and he said a little wouldn't be enough to get me pregnant. I've read up on the early symptoms of pregnancy, but I haven't experienced any apart from needing to wee more often and some discharge, but that's pretty usual for me. I am also a few days late on my period.However I have recently done my a level exams and I've heard that stress can cause a late period, I'm just not sure what to do. Thanks.

Hi L,

Sorry for the late reply,

It's true that increased stress levels can affect the hormones that cause you to ovulate, thus throwing off your period.

But because of the risk factors at play here, if your period is late by a full week you need to buy a home pregnancy immediately. If you feel like you have to do something immediately, you can take a test now, but know that it may be too early for accurate results and you'll have to follow up with another one in 7-10 days.

And as for "a little wouldn't be enough to get you pregnant". Bullsh**t. Never take birth control advice from a guy who doesn't want to wear a condom.

Good luck!


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