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My boyfriend and I had protected sex but the condom broke when he was barley an inch in and he was pulling out. He did not ejaculate in me but there was pre cum in the condom. He went to the bathroom before we had sex to wash out anything possibly there also, only one of his testicles really works. I washed out my vagina with soap and warm water shortly after but I'm worried because i'm ovulating and I didn't know until I looked at my calendar after. I know there's a possibility but how high are the chances? and is it most likely that I could be pregnant? Thank you.

It is possible but highly unlikely. There is not a lot of sperm in precum, and it sounds like most of it was left in the condom anyway. Putting soap in your vagina would not help you not get pregnant and can actually cause an infection. Maybe you should think about getting on birth control. Thank you for your question.  

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