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pleasee HELP !!!
i am 17 years old. i am a virgin and so is my boyfriend. 2 days back we got a little intimate. we didnot have sex but we took of our clothes. but we both were wearing our underwears.
he fingered me and i gave him a hand.job
his underwear was wet and so was mine
i am very scared now. is there a chance i might get pregnant

It doesn't sound like any of his sperm got anywhere near your vagina. The only way you can be pregnant from this is if his sperm came in contact with your vagina, or if he got sperm on his fingers before touching your vagina. I don't think you have anything to worry about. In the future he can wear a condom even if you two are just using hands and fingers just to be safe. Thank you for your question.  

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I was a teen mom myself, and have a teenage daughter that I have a very open relationship with. Over the years I have researched info on teen pregnancies and given advice to other pregnant teens. I can put myself in their shoes and really relate to what they are going through.

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