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QUESTION: Should an unwed mother allow the father of her new daughter, to see her father every weekend if he is a good father?

ANSWER: My opinion is yes, definitely. The baby has a right to get to know her father. As long as there are no concerns as far as her safety goes, there is no reason why the father or the baby should be denied that right.

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QUESTION: Should a mother object that her daughter learns her fatherís native language Swedish at the same time as English? Should she complain that her daughter gets paperwork to prove that she is a national of Canada, Ireland and Sweden in addition to being a US national? She gets official paper work from all three governments. The father is a national of Canada, United States and Sweden, and her grand mother (mothers mother) was born in Ireland.

I think that would be up to the parents and how important it is to them that she learn both languages. I would want my child to know the language that is spoken most in the child's life. But it wouldn't hurt for the child to know more than one language. As far as the paperwork goes, I have no experience with that area. You should do what is best for the child considering both parents beliefs. Thank you for your question.

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