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On 4 march i had done unprotected sex but when we start unfortunately my mind changes and we stop.we are not done full sex only half we do. After this my last period comes on 26 feb and after sex it is in 10 march.why should it comes i don't know because of weakness or whatever. I m afraid of pregnancy but how should i m pregnant when we are not done full sex.  after half sex i m also taken medicine.please help me what's the reason behind this? Tel me. I m so much worried.

I don't know why your period would come so early, but the good thing is that you did get your period. In your teenage years, your period can be very irregular and unpredictable. It doesn't seem like you would be pregnant for just starting to have sex. Wait a couple of weeks and take a pregnancy test if you are still unsure. Thank you for your question.

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