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Hello Cynthia,

My issue, to me, seems rather complicated (in that I can't help but feel like it's hard to explain properly) and I am hoping you will be able to help me out.
This is the situation: my girlfriend and I (both 17) had sex the other day. It was unprotected as I have a hard time putting condoms on, and we agreed to get the morning after pill just a few hours after sex. That pill worked, and my girlfriend had her period a few days later. Now, we recently had sex again, and she got the same pill (still less than 24 hours had passed when she took it), but then we got a little bit drunk a few nights later and had sex again after she had had said pill a few days earlier. She got another one of the pills the next morning, and so took a second one less than 24 hours after having sex. She also got the birth control pill to take from her doctor, which she has even advised to start after her period.

She is now experiencing stomach pains and her breasts are sore now and again in the day. I'm just slightly worried at whether or not she will be pregnant as these symptoms have occurred only a few days after we last had unprotected sex - the second time I mentioned in the above paragraph. I am also worried as her periods are probably classed as irregular, as they can happen anywhere from 3 - 5 weeks after her last one. Is it likely that she is pregnant, and if so, what would you recommend we do?

Thank you,

I don't think she could be pregnant since she has taken the morning after pill after each time you two had sex. I am worried about what effects the morning after pill could be having on her body. That is probably what is causing the stomach pain. That pill is not meant to be a form of birth control. It is meant to be a last resort option. If you are having trouble with condoms, you should practice putting them on properly. It is a much better option than the morning after pill. Getting her on birth control is also a great idea if she can remember to take it everyday. If she doesn't get her period soon, she should take a pregnancy test. Thank you for your question.  

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