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Hello, so a couple of weekends ago on February 27th  my girlfriend and I decided to "fool around" and to the jist of what happened was that my you know what was only touching her vagina and there was no semen or anything on it and now my girlfriends period is one week late, could she be pregnant ?

It is possible, but highly unlikely. There is a very small chance that you could have had some pre-ejaculate on your penis and it could have made its way into her vagina but that would be very unlikely. How regular are her periods? Usually periods don't really become regular for the first couple of years. Wait a couple of weeks and have her take a pregnancy test if you are still unsure. In the future you should use a condom even when just fooling around. Or do other things that don't involve your penis coming in contact with her vagina. Also look into family planning clinics that give free birth control to teens. Thank you for your question.  

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