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Teen Pregnancy/Possibly Pregnant?? PLEASE HELP A.S.A.P


jessica wrote at 2013-07-02 04:40:16
Thank you Dr lukman for saving my marriage, i and my husband have been looking for a male child for the past 10 years we had 2 daughters and their was no probability of giving birth to a male child and my husband was frustrated to the extend that he wants to divorced me, he said that he needed a male child in his life that will take over him and keep his family name in existence, i did not know what to do again i also went mad because of this male child issue after 2 daughters even my doctor told me that if i should be pregnant again that it must still be a female child, it was their i lost all hope, so i told a friend of mine who also passed through this king of problem and now she is a mother of two male child, then she told me that it was Dr lukman Medicine that help her bear her two male child she have now then i ask her how did it happen. then she told me that they deal with root and herb purely that their medicine is blessed and it working for real that after she have took this their medicine that was when she had a first male child after 4 female children, so i decided to contact them also then they told me all i need to do, they send me the medicine in my country i made use of it and i was pregnant again i was afraid to go for check up if it was a female child again after the 7 month my doctor asked me how did this happen that the child in my womb is a male child their i knew that this medicine is real and it works, i deliver a baby boy and i want you all my fellow women who are looking for male child so badly or desperately to contact Dr lukman he will help you out and also women having the problem of bearing children just contact him and he will put a smile to your face, his email is

Jessica braze


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Sierra R.


I can answer questions that pertain to pregnancy signs and symptoms, young girls having scares with being pregnant and often mistaking early pregnancy symptoms for menstrual symptoms, I have been there as well...I can answer questions about where to go and what to do if you have had any unprotected sex and have questions about Birth Control or testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. I can also answer questions about fiction vs. fact on if you could be pregnant. For example, a question like, "Can I get pregnant the first time I have sex even if I use protection?" My answer would be, "Yes you can get pregnant the first time you have sex, even if you do use protection...any time that you have sex there is some chance that you could get pregnant." I can also answer any questions that you may have on adoption and different types of adoption, or abortion.


I have had a lot of personal experience in this area, as I have practiced unsafe sex before, and had a few pregnancy scares. I have even psyched myself out a few times into thinking that I was pregnant when I wasn't; as a lot of girls do. So in my mind there are no silly questions that you can ask about this topic... If you are unsure, then by ALL means, you should ask a question. I have also counselled other close friends when they had pregnancy scares, miscarriages, and were pregnant. I have been and taken various friends to Planned Parenthood, and have gone through their counselling process as well. I am also an adoptee, my birth mother was sixteen when she had me, and gave me up for adoption. Since then I have also met both of my birth parents, and keep in touch with them

Currently I am not active with these organizations, but more recent experience includes tutoring young adults in different subject matter. I have worked with kids ages 5 through 17, and mainly middle schoolers for three years. In High School I was in AFJROTC, Marching Band, Orchestra, and Colour Guard (aka Flag Team) I was also a volunteer for Teen Korps and worked with kids a lot. I have also been a volunteer Camp Counselor for a Teen Korps volunteer project and Assistant Counselor for YMCA Camp Surf. I have also been a volunteer for over ten years with Special Olympics, so I have a lot of experience working with disabled Children.

Currently, I have my Associates Degree in Social Behavior and Sciences, and am a Senior at University of Phoenix, studying Public Health Administration. I will have my bachelors in science next fall. In my college career, I have taken various Science courses, including Biology and Human Anatomy/ Physiology, so I have been through sexual education more then a few times, and done research on my own to find out what is fact or fictional when it comes to sexual topics. If I am unsure about it, then I ALWAYS look it up, and provide a source of where I got my information.

Past/Present Clients
Past and current "clients" would have to be friends that came to me for advice and help when they were having troubles with the kinds of situations that are dealt with in this forum. If I can't help them with something medically related, as in they are having stomach cramping and don't know why, or are having a ectopic pregnancy and need surgery, then I will always recommend they see a doctor right away.

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