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so i really like this guy and people say that he likes me back and it has been like almost 2 months that we were at school and we just met this year. we have been talking a lot. he waits for me at his locker and like we bus home and stuff and he always give me a hug but like thats as far as we will go. he wont ask me out and i don't understand why not. i don't know what to do  because when ever i talk to him i get really really awkward and i don't know what to say? please help!!

As a guy, ill give you the guy perspective ;) To me, it sounds like he likes you, but does not know how you feel about him and he is nervous to make the first move towards a possible relationship. If you are comfortable with it, I say make that first move for him. Ask him if he likes you, more than a friend. Maybe tell him how you feel. Even if it does turn out he just likes you as a friend, if he is a true friend he wont let you confessing your feelings hamper your friendship. If you really don't want to make that first move, then drop some subtle hints maybe that you like him more than a friend. Us guys usually will eventually pick up on them ;)

Hope this helps!

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I can answer virtually any questions dealing with teen issues. As a teen myself, I have over come so many obstacles in my life to get to where I am today, a happy and successful place. I am 17 with my own business, a happy long lasting relationship, and a past that got me hear. I want to help other teens since I know what it is like to be one with problems.


Being a teenager helps. But other than that, I had many issues in school with bullying, both being the bully and the one being bullied, drugs, relationships, and being involved with the wrong people. It took many years but I am now in the best place I have ever been.

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