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I am currently dating this guy and i really wish that I'm not. We've had an on-off relationship for 3 years, i have always ended it for a good reason, but always got back with him after. This time i really wish i hadn't said yes. We've been going out for a few months and it is a really pathetic relationship. We have never kissed, out of the entire 3 years, never hugged, or even acted as a couple. When i try to do these things he just laughs, and anyway most of the time he is off with girls on the other side of the year, or his mates. I understand he needs time for his friends and i completely get that, but there never is time for me. I feel like its something im doing?
I keep getting abuse off the internet off of people, and im not asking that he finds out who these people are and fight them. It would be nice once in a while if he stood up for me. Even if the people dont listen, it would still be nice to hear it form him but he doesn't. He constantly insults my likes, eg music, food and that. He threatens to kick and hurt my friends when they argue, and i don't believe that guys should ever hit girls. No matter what. He treats my friends like dirt. Okay he may not like them, but they dont deserve that. My friends are constantly on my case to dump him and end it, but i cant face up to it. This adds to the pressure. Although he does all these and im starting to hate him for it, at the same time i dont want to hurt his feelings. I also don't have the guts to tell him to his face, as i know he wont take me seriously. I dont want to be a coward either and do it over text or Facebook. Because i have ended out previous relationships quite alot, i don't want people judging me for this. They dont understand my situation. I really dont know what to do. Can you give me some advice?

Hi Chloe, terribly sorry about the long wait for a response. A combination of email notification failure and being on vacation was a result of that.
Anyways, that is a very hard position to be in. From a guys perspective, it sounds like he is afraid of commitment and feels like in order to still appear superior to everyone, has to put everyone else down and act tough. Im going to guess that he is one of those guys who is all talk and no action. That just screams out being insecure. He is not ready for a relationship. Its nothing your doing, its him just not being ready. Obviously he doesn't care enough about you to be in a relationship with you. You need to be strong enough to put your foot down and say enough. Tell him to his face that it is over. Just tell him you aren't happy in the relationship anymore and need to move on. And moving on is the best thing you can do, the relationship your in is called a destructive relationship, because it destroys at least one of the people.

Hope this helped.

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