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I was molested by a much older man when i was 13. His reason was that he was so attracted to me. He had a wife, he had children. Now he will never be a free man. Why do I feel like this is all my fault, and should I feel like this? I tried to stop him please tell I'm innocent.

  First of all, you need to understand and accept the fact that none of this is your fault. You did not ask for such a horrible thing to happen to you. So please stop blaming yourself. You have not mentioned your age now, but I am sure the experience still traumatizes you which is why you wrote to me in the first place.

There are sick,heartless people out there who are so frustrated with their lives that they try to ruin others. You cannot undo the past, the only thing you can do is let yourself heal and move on in life. You cannot let this affect your future.

Make sure you are no where near this man ever. Try to avoid him as much as possible. Because seeing him around will frustrate you and you will be more angry with yourself. I hope you understand what I mean.

I will help you in this healing process further. Ask me any follow up questions. i hope you have good friends out there who can support you. You can also see a counsellor.

Hope my reply helps.


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I have had a very rough childhood and an even worse teenage life. Now turning 20 and being in college when I look back I feel good that I survived through it all and did not give up. Not all of us have a happy-go-lucky life. Not all of us are gifted with multiple talents or looks. But yet it is important that we donít lose ourselves. I do not have any degree in psychology. I will not judge you. I will understand you. But I believe itís not the degrees that matters. It is the experiences we have in our life that makes us what we are. I have counseled people before and now I am here to help people online. I am not perfect; I am working on myself too. But I promise I will be there to help from whatever experience I have had from my own teenage life.

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